Airstrikes hits aid hospital in northern Syria kills 7– Doctors Without Borders


Seven people were killed in air strikes in Syria, on a hospital supported by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Doctors Without Borders.

Mirella Hodeib, Press Officer at MSF in Beirut, said they believed to have been carried out by Russian jets and eight staff members are missing after airstrikes at a hospital affiliated with it.

“We can confirm that the MSF-supported structure in Maaret al-Noumaan in northern Idlib was destroyed this morning in airstrikes.

Hodeib said the hospital was hit four times in two series of at least two attacks within a few minutes of each other.

She condemned the attack calling it a deliberate attack on a health structure.

She noted that Northern Syria was seeing its health infrastructure badly damaged.

“At least 10 hospitals in Aleppo province are no longer functional as a result of heavy damage from airstrikes.

The officer said MSF said 40,000 people would be cut off from access to medical services as a result of the latest strikes on the hospital in Idlib.

`Three MSF-supported hospitals were recently damaged in Aleppo.

Russia, a major ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, started its strikes in Syria in September 30 and has helped the government’s forces seize key territory from rebels.

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