Dumb Crime: Thief Tries To Rob Jewelry Store By Ramming It With A Bulldozer


Reports of an attempt made by a man in Pingxiang city, Jiangxi province to rob a jewelry store have drawn some attention not for the crime itself, but for the unusual method of execution. This potential heist of the century involved some guy taking a bulldozer, crashing it into the jewelry shop and robbing the place clean. What the plan lacks in subtlety, it certainly makes up for in blunt force.

Somehow, Lianhua county police were able to respond to the crime immediately, and capture the suspect moments after he pulled off his heist. We aren’t sure if the bulldozer was his getaway vehicle as well.

According to one witness under the alias Shi Wuwei, the crime took place at around two or three in the morning. For some time after, the bulldozer could still be seen, embedded into the front of the store, The Paper reports. With the entire shop now in disarray, the area is cordoned off by police, with a cop car stationed outside, just in case anybody tries something like that again.

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