VIOLENCE: Thugs Invade General Hospital, Assault Staff, Patients

Hell was let loose around 11 pm on Sunday 14, February, when thugs invaded the General Hospital Orile-Agege, Lagos with cutlasses, knives, and other dangerous weapons attacking and stabbing both staff and patients.

The thugs also invaded the engineering department, and the office of drivers, where they also stabbed some of the staff.

A parent, who brought his daughter to the hospital was also stabbed. According to him, they eventually allowed him to live when they learnt he was a pastor.

The hoodlums, who attacked several other people in the hospital, carted away valuables of the patients such as money and handsets.

Recounting the ugly experience, one of the nurses, who did not want her name published, said that one of the boys had been rushed to the hospital after he allegedly engaged in a fight with another fellow and doctors in the hospital had made attempts to save his life.

The thugs were however not happy that doctors in the hospital wanted to save the life of the guy.

“They wanted the man, whose name was given as Taye, to die at all cost, but our doctors had attended to him just to save his life.”

It was gathered that the doctor, who went to the children ward to hide from the hoodlums was so unsettled that he could not attend to any other patient after the incident.

Sources said that it took a while before security operatives could move in to arrest the situation and stop the rampaging hoodlums from further destruction.

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