Omoku Massacre: My Younger Brother, Over 9 Others Were Beheaded – Cleric

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A cleric, Bishop Eleanya Ugorji, has said over 25 people were killed while other victims, including his younger brother, had their heads chopped off by unknown gunmen who invaded Omoku community in Rivers State last weekend.

Ugorji, who is the presiding bishop of God’s Victorious Church, Omoku, told journalists at the Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area headquarters, said his younger brother Ekwela, was killed along with his wife, Victoria on that fateful night.

The cleric linked the death of his brother and that of others to politics, saying that before his death, Ekwela, who was in his late 40s,was a member of one of the major political parties in the state.

He said, “It was on Friday and we started hearing gunshots between 9:00pm and 10:00pm or there about. After a while, it seized and later after a while, I heard a smash on my window and if you go round, you will see that all the windows are smashed.

“By the time the day broke, we saw my younger brother, Ekwela Ugorji, and the wife, Victoria, dead outside. My younger brother was beheaded. My younger brother was a politician and that is all that I know about him. My younger brother’s wife was a trader. He is in his mid 40s.

“I don’t think the killers are armed robbers. In Rivers State actually you know this politics of a thing is what has been on the ground and you talk of cultists, cultism has been there, but it has been lying low. When you come to the local government area, these two parties are really struggling to see who takes over.

“But, things were also moving on well until after the announcement of the supreme court, we felt that everything had ended but before we knew it, things started coming up again. Gunshots of that day was something else; every where. I think about 25 people were killed that night and about 10 were beheaded in Omoku here.”

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