Parents seek aid as quintuplets’ naming ceremony holds today


MUSWEN endows foundation for babies’ education
AFTER the Specialist Care Baby Unit of the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, had for days turned into a tourist centre following the safe delivery of a set of quintuplets, attention will shift to the parents’ residence today in Ijokodo area of Ibadan for the naming ceremony of the newborns.

Sikirat, 28, was delivered of the quintuplets – three males and two females – without any complications. The young woman already had two older children – Umoor Farouk, aged five and Mistura, aged three.

Relief has, however come for the Ewenje family, as the Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria (MUSWEN) yesterday said it will establish a foundation for the care of the quintuplets. MUSWEN President, Dr. Sakariyau Babalola, gave the cheering news to the parents of the quintuplets when he led a delegation to UCH, Ibadan to visit the babies.

Babalola said the foundation would take care of the children’s education from primary school to university level.The Islamic leader said apart from the token donation to the family, MUSWEN, who is an umbrella body for all Muslim organizations in South West, would in collaboration with the Ibadan and Oyo State Muslim communities, set up a foundation that would take care of their long term needs.

The situation we find ourselves has exhausted our savings and with five additional children to our family.

Babalola, who appreciated the gift of the children from Allah, called on organisations, corporate individuals and wealthy Nigerians to appreciate Allah’s endowment by assisting the young couple.

The Muslim leader, who was allowed to visit the children at the Oyo State Special-Care Baby Unit of the hospital, said they were in good condition.
He later visited the mother in the company of other members of the organisation where prayers were said for the mother and the children.

The elated father of the babies, Alfa Rasak Yusuf, who noted the big expenses of the babies’ upkeep since they were delivered, thanked those who have been coming to appreciate God’s gifts. He disclosed that the naming ceremony for the babies would be performed at his Ijokodo residence in Ibadan from 12 noon in line with Islamic tradition of naming a child after seven days of delivery.

In his words: “The situation we find ourselves has exhausted our savings and with five additional children to our family, I need help to feed this family. My dream is for them to be leaders in this country, so that no matter my present situation, people will know them for good. Though, I am greatly handicapped now because I only make living out of my Quranic teaching class, I want well-meaning people to come to my aid.”

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